Nano Bible Pendant with the Old / New Testament


Reading the Bible, you’ll come across tales that a child can understand yet which make wise men pause. It is the same with the Bible pendant necklace on display. Its round frame may appear basic, but the treasure it holds certainly isn’t


The round frame is made from valuable metals and held in place with an intricate box chain. The Bible is nestled at its very heart. Its ancient text might not be visible without the help of a microscope, but the message it bears is no less potent. Make this jewelry with Bible Scriptures the crowning achievement of your collection or gift it to a loved one for a special occasion


Nano Jewelry store is located in the exotic colorful flea market at the old city of Jafa. There, you can read the nano inscription through a special microscope


Our Address: 6, Rabbi Yohanan, Jafa – old city


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מוצרים קשורים
שמע ישראל עם הפרק הראשון - 2 ס"מ
תפילת השלווה
תפילת השלווה – מנדלה
משלוחים חינם בארץ ובחו"ל
כולל זכוכית מגדלת מתנה
עד 30 יום החזר כספי מלא
  • צור קשר
  • כתובת החנות: רבי יוחנן 6 שוק הפשפשים. יפו

  • 1700-55-61-66מרכז הזמנות